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Young Adults Go Backpacking

Updated: Jun 29, 2022

In November the Oklahoma Young Adult Ministries organized a wonderful backpacking trip at Shores Lake Loop near Mulberry, Arkansas.

A group of six people bravely decide to conquer a difficult trail with over 5,000 feet of elevation and a total of 18 miles. It was definitely a challenge for all, especially for three people who had never been backpacking before!

The first night the youth group slept by a beautiful waterfall and it was the perfect little campsite!

On Sabbath we had worship by the waterfall and then climbed up to the top of White Rock Mountain. The view was incredible from the bluffs!

We were reminded about the awe of God's attention to details and His wonderful creation. When looking out from the bluff we could see the towering trees, the valley, and the majesty of the soaring birds. God has given each thing a job in His creation and each its own unique aspect of beauty!

Our world is full of man-made chaos: hustle and bustle, cars, and buildings all surround us. However, when in the remoteness of an 18-mile trail you can escape that chaos. You can appreciate the order and balance that God has provided on this earth!

The birdsong, the scurrying of lizards, even the spiderwebs you run into all point to an ecosystem that is fine-tuned and working together. From the top of White Rock it looked like a painting, with the hills and valleys below bringing all the pieces into a masterpiece.

We serve a mighty God. We are part of that creation and He has designed each of us with a job just like the creatures and the forest. We too can work together to sing His majesty like a songbird in the hills and mountains of Arkansas.

By Jason Vargas

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