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Flower Power

"What can I do for Jesus?" These words were spoken painfully by our daughter, Michelle Kraft. She suffered terrible fractures in her right leg about a year ago and has endured several surgeries since. Those words spoke directly to my heart, and I began to search for ways that she could be a blessing to others as she shared the love of Jesus.

God has given her a gift in beautiful flower arranging and, when she gave one to me, I felt deeply impressed that this would be a wonderful way to bring happiness to many others--and was I ever right! She has blessed many people, whether they were in the hospital or nursing home, church members, or anyone she learned was hurting, either physically or emotionally. I will share one such experience with you.

Tommy Beats, head elder in the Ketchum church, suffered much from a terrible accident at his home, and, after weeks of acute care in the hospital and extensive rehabilitation

in Lincoln, Nebraska, Tommy and Kathy returned home.

Michelle sensed the need to bring joy to this dear couple and she immediately began to arrange a beautiful bouquet of flowers and as we visited them in their home, both of

their faces radiated such joy as Michelle placed her beautiful gift in Tommy's lap.

In spite of her injury, which causes her much pain, Michelle has discovered a wonderful way to bring joy to many hurting people and she places a little card in the flower arrangements letting them know that they matter to God and giving them the opportunity to discover truths from God's Word.

I pray that her story will inspire each of you to pray earnestly, asking what you can do for Jesus.

by :: Kay Mayes, Communication Secretary for the Vinita church

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