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Divine Detour: God's Love Reaches an Atheist

Recently, Mishael Privett, a bible worker in Claremore Oklahoma, had an amazing experience that we’ll call a divine appointment. Mishael was meeting a church member at the Claremore Church so they could go to a bible study together something happened and the church member was running late.

While she was waiting in her car at the church parking lot, a gentleman driving by pulled in and asked, “what are you guys about.” Mishael asked him what he meant by that question. He responded, “I don’t really believe in God, but I see you guys are always here at this church, so what are you guys about?”

Mishael kindly replied, “We are about sharing Jesus’ love practically with people and letting people know that Jesus wants to be their best friend.” Mishael recalls, “I got to share a little about how in my own life and how I wouldn’t be a Christian if God hadn’t shown me His love for me.”

Providentially, Mishael had a Desire of Ages in her car that she had tried to take to a friend’s house earlier that day, but her friend wasn't home. She grabbed the book and handed it to the man saying “This book really showed me God’s love for me, and His desire to be my friend.” After handing the man the book, he said, “I think I’ll actually read this!

“I wouldn’t have been there if we had been on time,” Mishael said. “It is so neat that God had me right where He wanted me on that day.”

by :: Mishael Privett

About the Author :: Mishael Privett is an enthusiastic Bible worker who has been faithfully serving for the past three years. A year ago she moved to the town of Claremore and is loving every minute of it. In her spare time, she enjoys running, playing the guitar, singing, crafting, and painting. Mishael truly loves sharing the love of Jesus with others and lives her life accordingly. Her passion for God continuously shines through.

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