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Baptism Celebrations

July 30, 2022, was a special Sabbath at the Choctaw Church as we welcomed three new members into our church family: Amelia Lauritano, who was baptized by Pastor Adams on the second Sabbath of Oklahoma Camp Meeting, July 16; Jim Gardner, who moved to our area recently and asked to be baptized on Sabbath, July 30; and Rachael Daman, who just turned 12 years old. Rachael has attended the Choctaw Church her entire life. She is a bright light in our congregation, always cheerful and friendly, with a big smile for every member and visitor. Rachael has been a member of Robin Sagel’s Primary class for several years now, and has studied her way through the Bible with the “My Bible First” lessons taught in Primary. This curriculum covers the high points of the entire Bible during every three-year cycle. Rachael enjoys participating in the class, and it has become a tradition for her to say the closing prayer almost every Sabbath.

After a short sermon about the importance of baptism, all three new candidates for membership answered affirmatively as Pastor Adams went through our beliefs with them, and then Rachael and Jim were baptized. Each of them received a baptismal certificate and a gift card at the end of the service, and they were warmly welcomed into the church family as members exited the sanctuary.

A special potluck was held to welcome these three after the service. What a wonderful foretaste of heaven!

By :: Robin Sagel

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