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150 Individual Bible Studies Underway

Evangelism, at times, can feel like a daunting ministry. Many people have the desire to share their faith but simply don’t feel confident in doing so. But sharing your faith doesn’t have to be complicated, it is simply sharing what God has done in you and how you have come to understand Him in scripture.

Nevertheless, it is empowering to feel confident in your ability to study the Bible with another person or share your testimony. Realizing this the Oklahoma Conference invited Luis Luciano to serve as our Evangelism trainer at the beginning of 2022. Luis worked with It Is Written in Minnesota before coming to Oklahoma. He and his wife Nicole who now works in the Youth Department have been hard at work this year visiting and training churches across the state.

This year Luis has conducted 61 training events at local churches across the conference and at Parkview Adventist Academy. The trainings are designed to equip everyone to share their testimony and teach others how to understand the Bible more clearly. But these weekend seminars are not the only training opportunity available to Oklahoma members.

For those who want to go deeper in their journey of giving Bible studies, Luis offers a 16-week one-on-one discipleship course. So far 24 members from across Oklahoma have completed this course and are now leading out in over 150 individual Bible studies and 7 small groups.

God desires to work through the members of his church. As we look ahead to 2023, we believe that God is ready to do a new thing in Oklahoma. It is not too late to join up with the Spirit of God, if you would like to have Luis come to your church for a training weekend or you would like to receive personalized training for evangelism, reach out to Luis though the conference office today.

by :: Wes Via

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