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WORDShop II Comes to Choctaw

On Sabbath afternoon, March 2, 2024, the Choctaw SDA Church welcomed individuals interested in expanding their methods of Bible study in a special class called WORDShop II. This class was promoted by Personal Ministries leader, Kimberly White to encourage in-reach evangelism and strengthen individual spiritual life. 


The classes consisted of six Sabbath afternoons to help the students develop skills for doing textual and topical Bible studies. Pastor Doug Baker, an educator and a pastor, was the class teacher and a blessing to attendees in teaching this course. He brought encouragement while also challenging the class. 


Pastor Baker included basic understandings of Bible versions and various steps one should take to progress through the process, making sure there was proper spiritual preparation before beginning to study. In addition, he shared a number of useful online search options and demonstrated when and how to use them. 


Various assignments were given to help apply the knowledge as it was learned. Included in the assignments was a textual study of Colossians 2:14 and a topical study of The Book of Life. By recognizing the Bible as our anchor and being a truth seeker, with God's help, students were able to walk through these assignments and see the full meaning in each Bible study. 


In each study, students were reminded that context is vitally important in determining the correct answer as well as looking for God's character of love and justice. Over the six weeks, students were encouraged to share their findings and ask questions, leading to fun discussions. 


During the course, Pastor Baker announced to the class that he had just begun his own YouTube channel called “The Bible Detective.”  Fifteen students took part in the class from two area churches. 


On April 27, certificates were presented to students that attended the class regularly and completed the homework to show special appreciation for their involvement.  


Overall, the students enjoyed the class so much that when they were asked if they would be interested in doing additional class studies in the future, there was overall enthusiasm. May we all desire to deepen our knowledge of scripture and grow in the knowledge of God, that we may take His gospel to the world and hasten His return.

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