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There Will Be a Glorious Reunion!

Sabbath, April 9, 2022, had two very special events. After the message was presented on Sabbath morning, Pastor Jerry Mayes and Zachary Gauger entered the baptismal fount where Zach gave public testimony to the fact that he had surrendered his life to Jesus and longed to be filled with the Holy Spirit to share with others what Jesus had done in his life.

In the afternoon there was a precious memorial service, put together for Gloria Sawin by her daughter, Aleashia. There were two young men present that had been greatly influenced by Gloria as she had turned her life over to God, was re-baptized, and endeavored to share her faith with them.

One of them was Zach who came often to church with Gloria. He lovingly cared for her when she became very ill with metastatic cancer; and, when she went to sleep in death, he indicated his desire to have victory over every sinful habit and be baptized into our church family.

After the celebration of Gloria’s life, Zach was looking at the picture taken of her baptism and he looked at me and said, “We will meet again when Jesus comes.”

What a Blessed Hope we share in the resurrection of all those who have fallen asleep to await the appearing of our Savior!

We can only imagine, at that Glorious Reunion, what it will be like when someone that we shared our love for Jesus and His Word comes up to us and says, “Thank you for telling me about Jesus. I am here today because of your life and your testimony.”

by Kay Mayes

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