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The Traveling Performers

We left Guymon at 7:05 AM and arrived in Alva at 9:50 AM We took the props in and set them backstage. After we finished they did a song service, and then there was Sabbath School. During the break between Sabbath School and church, we set up the walls of Jericho for our skit. Then we did the opening song Shelter In The Time Of Storm.

After, they did an offering and prayer. We did the offertory. The Kindergarten to 3rd grade did the bells and played This is the Day, and the 1st-7th grade played Ode to Joy on the recorders. Next, was the special music. We sang Joshua fought the Battle, Tis so sweet to Trust in Jesus, and His sheep am I. His Sheep am I we sang in English and Zomi. Afterwards, we changed into our costumes and did our first skit,

Joshua fought the Battle of Jericho.

Then we did a skit about Ehud, and our last skit was Gideon. Finally, the other teams did the closing song Mine Eyes Have Seen the Glory (Battle Hymn of the Republic). After church, we changed and played for a little while with the younger church members. We ate potluck together and then after saying our goodbyes we left for Guymon.

by :: Ruth, Benji, Lianpu

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