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Miracles of Generosity: Answering the Call to Support Mission Work

In a world often filled with uncertainty and hardship, stories of miracles are refreshing. Such is the case with the remarkable journey of generosity and faith experienced by Van and Janell Hurst and the Shattuck Adventist Church earlier in 2023.


It all began one Friday evening as Van and Janell sat enjoying a mission report on Three ABN Television. The report highlighted the incredible work of the Holy Spirit in the southernmost part of the Philippines, where people were being baptized at a rapid pace. However, the lack of churches meant that many new believers were left without a place of worship.


Inspired by the Spirit's work and compelled by a desire to support where His presence was most palpable, the two felt called to take action. They approached the Shattuck Church Board with a proposal to help fund the mission needs in the Philippines. The initial goal was to raise $1000, a modest sum that they hoped would make a meaningful difference.

The method they chose to raise funds was simple yet powerful: they challenged members of their congregation to save their loose change for a month. It was a small gesture, but they believed that collectively, their spare change could add up to something significant.

As the month drew to a close, the church eagerly tallied the contributions, anticipating the fulfillment of their goal. What they discovered left them in awe and full of gratitude. Instead of the modest $1000 they had hoped for, their congregation had rallied together to donate several thousand dollars!


The magnitude of the response was nothing short of miraculous. Despite the constant financial needs within their own church community – from supporting the Food Bank to funding renovations and online outreach – the members had chosen to prioritize the needs of others over their own.


In reflecting on this experience, it became clear that true Christlike love is demonstrated not only in words but also in actions. By sacrificially giving to support mission work in the Philippines, the Shattuck Church exemplified the essence of collective mission!

The impact of their generosity reached far beyond the borders of their local community. Through their contributions, churches were built, and believers found a place to worship and grow in their faith. Lives were transformed, and the Kingdom of God was furthered, all because of a simple act of obedience and generosity.


This journey of faith and giving serves as a testament to the miraculous power of generosity. When we step out in faith, trusting in God's provision and following His leading, He can work wonders far beyond what we could ever imagine. May this story inspire others to embrace a spirit of generosity and to answer the call to support missions wherever the Holy Spirit is at work. Article by :: Van Hurst,

Edited by :: ChatGBT

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