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Midwest City Evangelism

Midwest City, OK - As we prepare for the 2024 evangelism and beyond, our primary focus is on discipleship and building meaningful relationships. We're not only committed to strengthening our bonds with one another but also reaching out to those who have yet to experience our loving God. Our mission is clear, inspired by the words of Jesus in John 13:35:

"By this shall all men know that ye are my disciples, if ye have love one to another."

To put this into action, we've organized various fellowshipping events. From exciting trips to the Oklahoma City Zoo with our district members to thrilling skating adventures, our members will not only strengthen their connections with one another but also extend warm invitations to those outside our faith community, encouraging new and positive relationships to form.

We believe that by inviting others into our events, we can showcase the love and camaraderie we share with one another and extend that same love to our new friends. Our ultimate goal is to create small, close-knit groups and foster strong relationships, guiding individuals on a path to meet Jesus and consider joining our church.

But our mission doesn't stop there. We're actively seeking out individuals we have yet to meet and building connections with them. Our dedicated efforts involve knocking on doors in our community, a strategy that our Bible Worker has orchestrated into a two-part series, rallying the entire church behind this initiative.

We've equipped the church members with the skills and enthusiasm to engage with the community. Groups of two have been formed, each with an assigned leader, and before heading out, we come together in prayer for guidance and support. We continue to organize prayer groups within the church to ensure a spiritual presence while our teams are out in the field.

As we go forth, we are in search of those who may be ready to hear and embrace the message of mercy and love. Just as the disciples once did, we return and share our testimonies of these encounters. Our plan is to make this a monthly tradition with each church in our district participating. Furthermore, we aim to unite all three churches for a combined effort, going door to door to assist one another's church areas.

To truly connect with our community, we're specifically targeting a low-income area, as seen in Luke 7:22, with the intention of offering prayers and support. Before Thanksgiving, we'll deliver holiday dinners, and just before Christmas, we'll return with gifts. By consistently visiting the same people in the same area, we hope to establish our church as a recognizable and respected presence in the community. Through these genuine connections, we aim to earn their friendship and trust, ultimately introducing them to Jesus.

Together, with unwavering commitment and love, we embark on this journey of faith and outreach.

by :: Pastor Marlowe Parks

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