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Let the Son Shine In!

I wanted to make a flower garden in a little plot of land in my side yard. The problem is that it was covered in grass. I don’t have the energy anymore to pull up grass and weeds and I know that grass dies when deprived of the sun, so I covered it completely with cardboard and held it down with rocks and limbs. That was months ago. It’s still barren. Nothing will grow there. It made me think of our lives when deprived of the SON. The Giver of life. Many things can hold us down and keep us from experiencing the life of abundance—a life of giving and sharing with others that can be covered by the cares of the world. Jesus can remove those burdens and let the SON shine in. Jesus can make our life productive and rich and full of Grace, love, and sharing. What will grow in our garden?

by :: Judy Marquette

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