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"I WILL GO" Adventurer Evangelistic Meeting

The West Siloam Springs Seventh-day Adventist Church’s “Little Working Ants” Adventurer Club said, “I will go,” by participating and leading out in an evangelistic campaign from January 29th - February 5th that learned not only from astronauts and rockets but from personal and spiritual discovery, despite poor weather forecasts.

Weeks prior to the campaign, a demonstration of talents was held in the church in which each child was encouraged to participate in the showing of their gifts and talents through singing, poetry, prayer, painting, and preaching, which they gave to the service of the Lord.

The Adventure with a campaign focused on “I will go on a Universe Adventure with Jesus”. The campaign started on Saturday and continued through the week, even though an intense snowfall made it impossible to meet in the church, they continued through zoom.

One by one, with the help and support of parents and teachers, they praised the Lord by reading the Bible, prayer, special music, experiments, dramatized stories, and songs. Everything was greatly enjoyed thanks to those who gladly directed the puppets.

Likewise, it was possible to appreciate and learn how God created the vast universe in 7 days. This activity was rewarded at the end of the week by those who learned it by heart. We enjoyed learning how the Lord has given people intelligence to create rocket ships that allowed astronauts to travel through the universe, the speed they can go, and the clothing they must wear. The sun is the major star that illuminates us, and the astronauts used its power to return to earth. When Christ comes back for us, and we take a trip through the universe to heaven we will not have to depend on a rocket ship but go through the power of Jesus.

Finally, eight children presented an extraordinary agenda, presenting each night stories of Biblical characters who in different ways said, ”I will go.” The first was Isaiah who said, “Here send me.” Esther said, “I am afraid, but pray for me and I will go.” Jonah, even though he said, “I do not want to go, I will flee,” ended up fulfilling God’s command to preach to the Ninevites.

The parable of the two sons of whom one said, “I will go” and the other, “I will not go” ended up doing the opposite of their promises. Paul also expressed that he wanted to go speak to the Gentiles.

Philip said, “God told me I must go that way.” And as a prime example, Jesus himself said “I want to go and save the world.” Just as these children accepted the invitation to go preach this message, and thanks to the program others have become interested in learning about Jesus and being part of the club so the invitation is extended to each reader to spread the gospel ad Matthew 28:19-20 says. “Go to all nations, baptizing them in the name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Spirit; teaching them to keep all the things I have commanded you; and behold I am with you every day, until the end of the world.” I want to go, do you?

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