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Domestic Abuse Recovery Seminar Held in Coalgate

On October 2, 2022, the Coalgate Seventh-day Adventist Church sponsored a domestic violence seminar at the Choctaw Community Center. Those attending the seminar were some members of the Coalgate church, a member from the Durant Seventh-day Adventist Church, and members of the community of Coalgate.

The guest speakers were Marie Fisher and Pastor Mitch Elrod. Pastor Elrod touched on the Generational Curses and Marie Fisher presented the "The ABCs of Healing." It was a wonderful seminar with good attendance and we were truly blessed by the information that was presented.

The attendees learned the ABCs of Healing from abuse that they had suffered in their childhood and growing up.

Because of the incredible turnout for this event, the Coalgate church plans to have another one in about three months. The Coalgate church sponsored the seminar but Marie Fisher was the one who planned the program. Marie shared her experience of healing from domestic abuse and she wanted to share some things with people who have been abused that could help them learn how to heal from what they went through in their life.

Mary Tate was one of the attendees, and she says, "I believe it would be a great seminar for any church to sponsor. I like it because it was a Bible-based program."

If you would like to host a Domestic Abuse Recovery Seminar in your local church, please contact Marie Fisher directly at 480-322-4548.

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