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Conference Pulls Together to Build Up Summit Ridge

Summit Ridge Retirement Village is an Adventist retirement community located just outside of Oklahoma City.

It is a sprawling community that offers its residents the opportunity to spend their golden years surrounded by others who share their faith and hope in the return of Jesus. In April 2022 members, pastors, and leaders from across the Oklahoma Conference came to Summit Ridge for a mission trip.

Summit Ridge has several empty home sites that are available to build on, but it has been a while since a new home went up in the community. With the help of Maranatha International, a new home has risen from the ground and will be available to a new family joining the community.

This is just the beginning of the planned development of Summit Ridge. According to Elder Apple Park, Oklahoma Conference Executive Secretary,

“Two more houses will be built in the near future and an event center for the Summit Ridge community so the residents can have a center to keep their bodies and minds spiritually, physically, and mentally healthy as they have purpose in reaching out to others.”

Over the course of the four-day build, the Conference officers (Elder James Shires, President; Elder Apple Park, Secretary, and Elder Charles Reel, Treasurer) joined a team of 20 members, 10 pastors and students from Parkview Adventist Academy to raise up this new home.

Their service saved over $32,000 in labor. When the material suppliers heard that this was a volunteer project several of them offer to provide materials at cost.

Pastor Dominick Alipoon shared why he chose to take time away from his family and churches to join the project.

“I wanted to help provide a new home for some people who will love and cherish it. Summit Ridge provides a great place for people to connect, develop friendships, and support for the elderly. The past generations have done so much for us. Giving up two days for them? Easy.”

For more information about Summit Ridge CLICK HERE.

Story by Wes Via

Pictures by Dode Gepford & Wes Via

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