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100th Birthday Celebration

On January 13, 2022, Summit Ridge Retirement Village residents lined up in their cars along the street and around the block in front of Nellie Sabes’ home. Some had balloons tied to their cars and many were honking their horns. As they reached her house, they left birthday cards and received cups of soup, graham crackers, and a bottle of water.

What was the occasion? Nellie’s 100th birthday celebration. Because of COVID-19, plans for her party had to be changed, but no one wanted her birthday to pass without notice. She was introduced into Centenarians of Oklahoma on January 9, 2022.

Nellie was one of seven children born to Jack and Anna Myers. In March 1943, she married Gerald Sabes. They had two children: Jerilyn, who lives in Montrose, Colorado, and Jane, who lives in Harrah, Oklahoma with Nellie.

Among her hobbies, Nellie has enjoyed gardening, reading, exercising (mainly by walking outside, something she still does every day), volunteering, and donating to mission projects. Her main volunteer work was for the Adventist Disaster Relief Organization (ADRA).

She has been honored for this work, meeting President George W. Bush at one project, and for working 17 years (up to 85 years of age!) helping others. One of her favorite projects she supported was Adventist World Radio. Over the years she has donated $50,000 to this wonderful project. A representative of AWR attended her 100th birthday celebration to present a gift to her faithfulness.

Nellie's advice to youth: Get a good education; that is the greatest gift you can give yourself. Volunteer; serving others has such a great reward. Live a goodly life. Learn good financial management. Be sure to pay a faithful tithe to God!

By Donita Lawless

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