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Volunteer Opportunities

Children's & Youth Room Decorating 

This will take place Thursday evening & Friday Morning. The leaders of each division will be in charge and have all the decorations ready to go, your main job is to help tape, move, sort, and help out wherever needed.

RV & Tent Park Clean-up 

The motto leave this place better than when I came is one we like to live by. If you actively seek opportunities to make things better, then this is the job for you! Notice a loose board on a bench? Fix it! See trash laying on the ground? Pick it up! We appreciate everything you do! 

Janitorial Volunteers

If you're able to restock toliet paper, scrub a shower, empty trash, etc. then this is the area you'd thrive in! Whether you can volunteer for 10 minutes or every day, we could use your willing heart & willing hands.


Dish Washing

With 100s of mouths to feed, there are invariably 100s of dishes to wash. Camp staff is incredible, but part of the beauty of the gospel is when we come alongside others and help them with their day-to-day life. Want to brighten someones day? Sign-up to help wash dishes. 

Children's Division Craft Prep

For this area, you'll need to be handy with a pair of scissors. Most of the children's divisions have crafts every meeting. The prep work happens right before and or right after each meeting, so you'll be able to attend your meetings as desired.

Anywhere I'm needed

This could look like a run to Walmart to pick-up finger paint, or help set out chairs for the Sabbath Services. There are so many needs that arise and we're seeing volunteers who we can text who will come through at just the right time. Sound like you?


Have questions about volunteering? Get in touch to learn more.

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