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Our Sabbath School and Personal Ministries department encourages Bible study and fellowship through weekly lesson helps, including PowerPoint presentations.  You’ll find many inspiring and practical resources at

Personal Ministries & Sabbath School Resources


Sabbath School is the heart of the church! It is a common thread that helps bind together Seventh-day Adventists from every part of the world. The Sabbath School Alive! initiative highlights three vital components of thriving Sabbath Schools:

  • BIBLE STUDY & PRAYER—discover the power of Bible study and prayer in Sabbath School

  • FELLOWSHIP—experience the joy of fellowship through study and service in Sabbath School

  • MISSION—gain world mission education and community outreach training in Sabbath School

Hope Sabbath School

An in-depth, interactive study of the Word of God. Each week, a group of young adults participate in a lively discussion of the Bible lesson.

There are Hope Sabbath School members in more than 130 countries around the world.

Sabbath School Resources

Looking to make your Sabbath School a better place to learn, fellowship and reach out? Find ways to reinvent Sabbath School for the better! Find these resources at - The North American Division Adult Ministries Department

Ellen G. White Compilation on Personal Ministries

Are you curious what Ellen White says about Personal Ministries? Here is a document put together by the Oklahoma Conference that shares what she says about Personal Ministries.

Golden Nuggets for teachings on the Holy Spirit

What does Ellen White say about the Holy Spirit? Here is a document of compiled quotes of what she says about this extremely important member of the Godhead.

Glow Tracts

Witnessing is vital to our spiritual life. Glow Tracts make it easy to share your faith. Check out the latest tracts that you can order from the Oklahoma Conference for a discount.

Golden Nuggets for Personal Ministries

What does Ellen White say about Personal Ministries? Here is a document of compiled quotes of what she says about our work in the field.

Sabbath School Resource Catalog

Looking for resources? Here is the AdventSource catalogue for Sabbath School resources.

Golden Nuggets for Sabbath School

What does Ellen White say about Sabbath School? Here is a document of compiled quotes of what she says about it.

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