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Veterans' Parade

Updated: Jun 29, 2022

After weeks of planning and preparation, Claremore Heritage Adventist School students waited for November 11: Veterans' Day finally arrived!

Anxiously, students gathered at the starting point of the parade and finished assembling their school float. Red, white, and blue shimmery skirting wrapped the trailer and huge flags from all six military branches were set on the sides of the trailer, along with Oklahoma Flag. Proudly they placed “Old Glory” in the front to take the lead!

THANK YOU posters were hung in place for our veterans to see. Our students marched in red shirts with yellow scarves. Parents, school board members, teachers, and veterans were ready at the stroke of 11:11 a.m. to start the parade trek down Will Rogers Blvd. in Claremore.

The students’ pride, joy, and love for their country and veterans could be seen in their smiles and heard in their shouts “Thank you for your service!” and “We love our veterans!”

It’s always an awesome privilege to be included in such a festive parade that

honors our men and women who wear our country’s uniforms. Without their

service and sacrifices, we would not enjoy all the freedom we have today!

Our deepest “Thank You” and gratitude to all who serve our great nation now and to our veterans!

By Cheri Robinson

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