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Tulsa Twisters News

The Tulsa Twisters Pathfinder club officially started meeting after school started. We have quite a few new members so club director Heather Lorenz spent the first meeting talking about expectations, followed by a brief overview of drilling and marching. Afterward, we participated in an icebreaker game that helped us get to know one another and we finished off the night with a fun chocolate dessert. We like to see so many of our Adventurers moving up into the Pathfinder club.

In September, we focused on curriculum, drilling, and marching and we began some different honors. The Pathfinders were given a list of honors to pick from and we narrowed it down to four—Tie Dye, Pizza Making, Physics, and Genealogy. We are certainly thankful for the staff and additional volunteers that want to help out with this particular aspect of our program. Each week we alternate our focus between Curriculum and Honors. The Pathfinders will spend this semester working on the current honors before choosing a different one to finish out the year.

It has been a couple of years since we have focused on drilling and marching and since we have a “young” club, many of our Pathfinders have not fully been instructed up to this point. Our Drilling and Marching Director, Stephan Zigo, is working hard to get everyone up to speed. He is trying to incorporate the discipline needed with drilling and marching along with making it fun at the same time. The Pathfinders are awarded candy for good follow-through with instructions and this year, we have a special headband that is awarded to the winner of the weekly drill-down. The following week, the previous week’s drill-down winner gets to wear the unicorn headband and work side-by-side with Stephan as his drilling and marching helper for the meeting. The kids are having fun with this and are excited to have this back in our program this year.

We have three curriculum classes this year and one Pathfinder is working on her Master Guide. We are thankful for our Curriculum teachers and know they dedicate extra time in preparation for the lessons. We also have six TLTs in our club. This great group of young people has made it known that they want to help with all aspects of our program this year. We are certainly thankful to have the additional resources and willing hands to help make our program the best it can be. This month certainly started off busy and we know that it does not slow down from here. We are blessed to have this wonderful group of kids and staff and we can’t wait to see how God works in us this Pathfinder year!

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