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Raising little Ladies and Gents

Updated: Jul 25, 2023

“Pass the carrots and cucumbers, please, and thank you!”

Every day during our lunchtime, we try to practice proper table manners, so on Valentine’s Day, we decided to go all out! We put our training to “real practice” and asked the students to come dressed up.

New placemats, red cloth napkins, and China dishes held a delightful lunch of freshly baked cottage cheese loaf; hand-mashed buttered potatoes and smooth brown gravy; crunchy topped green bean casserole; creamy macaroni and cheese; and dessert of course! A delicious Valentine's Day cake was sprinkled with red and pink hearts and topped with gold dust. What a beautiful lunch we ate! The students had a splendid time, and all practiced their manners carefully. In fact, one student said, “Best Valentine’s ever!”

What a great learning experience for each student in the safety net of our school home.

by :: Cheri Robinson

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