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Updated: Jul 25, 2023

Here at Heritage Adventist Christian School, we have a Prayer Request/Praise Board, and we bring these to God every day during worship. We talk about them and write each down on the board. We like to watch how God answers our prayers. Here is one the students were very involved in.

A church member and good friend, Carol Millet, is who we started praying for in October 2022. Carol found out she had a tumor in her head pressing on her optic nerve, causing partial blindness in the eye. Of course, everyone started praying, and so did we! Every day at school and sometimes at lunch! Her surgery was put off until December 17 but God works in mysterious ways ~ maybe He needed to strengthen all of us ~ but why the surgery was put off so long we don’t know. But before she had surgery, we Face-Timed with her and a number of students prayed over Ms. Carol and asked God to be with her and the doctors.

I’m privileged to share that Ms. Carol is now doing great! On February 15, Ms. Carol came to share more details of her story with the students and thank them for their prayers.

I thank God that He allowed each of our students and school family to be so close to this miracle from Him! We want our students to freely give their hearts to God daily, and understand we serve a powerful and mighty God!

by :: Cheri Robinson

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