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Pathfinders in Action

Updated: Jan 30

God is on the move in Pathfinder Clubs around the state! Enjoy the updates from some of the clubs below.


Lawton Lightening Pathfinder Club is a brand new club this year. Starting a new club is no small undertaking. You have to find leaders, pick honors, gather supplies, get dress uniforms, and find a place to make club t-shirts to name a few. Luckily, this club believes in empowering its young people to lead from the front! One young person, Ariana McCay, has been saving her birthday money for years. When she discovered that the club needed t-shirts, she decided now was the time to count her savings. She counted the coins and bills and realized she had enough to buy a Cricut machine! Her brothers Bobby and Steven pitched in too to help buy a Cricut press and the family went to work making their own Pathfinder T-shirts! When you spot a Lawton Lightening Shirt, you're not only seeing a fashionable piece of clothing – you're witnessing the result of a special girl's birthday money and a lot of hard work. Thank you Ariana for making this huge sacrifice for your club!


Ardmore Pioneers Pathfinder & Adventurer Clubs hosted the church service in January! With club members leading out in songs, children's story, testimony time, prayers, and even the sermon, this was one Sabbath to remember! You can watch the whole service in the link above.


Pioneros Master Guides from Central Tulsa Spanish Church took a large group on a Winter Backpacking Trip over a brisk weekend in January. They backpacked 5 MILES through snow, icy water, and muddy terrain and finished the weekend with all their fingers and toes intact! These brave souls were ready for a cup of hot cider when they finished the trek.


Thunderbirds Adventurer Club is busy tackling all the fun honors like Tie-dye! Each Adventurer gathered around a tot-sized table, wrapped their shirts in rubberbands, and squeezed a mess of colors onto their shirts. Can't wait to see how these fun shirts turned out once they dry!


The Warriors of Peace Pathfinder Club did many amazing things in October. They went to the "Fall into Fitness" event where club members participated in various exercises to test their strength and agility. On October 22, they joined their church campout at the Red Rock Canyon Adventure Park and earned the Camping 1 and 4 honors. We experienced God’s gifts of Nature while having fun!

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