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Outdoor School at Wewoka Woods

Updated: Jul 25, 2023

The Oklahoma Conference’s annual Outdoor School event took place April 19-21 at Wewoka Woods Adventist Camp for our fifth and sixth-grade students across the state. We had 25 students attend from six of our schools. The students had such a great time together while getting to make new friends!

During Outdoor School, there are multiple activities throughout the three days we are at camp. To start off the students from all the schools were randomly assigned into four different groups for the entire event. We had team-building activities right away to help each of them get to know each other. They had a lot of fun trying to meet the challenges set for them to do.

Being Outdoor School the students had to have classes! They enjoyed the variety and fun activities in each class. There were amazing classes this year: Amy Ward taught the students how to engage in a nature and Bible scavenger hunt across the camp; Kathy Jones taught personal finance principles; Daniel Spooner explored the concepts of magnet and electrical forces; and Rose Simpson “dove” into the microbiology of pond science.

We also had time set aside for a service-learning project at the camp. Ranger Sam organized the students into groups to work in two different areas: sanding the fences at the horse barn and cleaning the tent sites for camp meeting. Even with this work, the students were happy to help improve their camp for the coming summer activities.

Each morning and evening we set aside time to grow spiritually and ask God to be present. Groups spent a few minutes sharing their praises and requests with each other and then prayed as a group. It is a wonderful thing to see groups of young people praying for each other! After this time of prayer, Pastor Andrew Spooner provided a message for the group stressing the importance of having a relationship with Jesus and knowing He is with us and loves us. His messages were so timely and applicable to everyone present, but especially to the young people.

Outdoors School this year was a true blessing to those involved. Students made new friends, they learned academics, they enjoyed fun games in the evening, and they had an opportunity to grow spiritually.

by :: Adam Littell

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