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Updated: Jul 25, 2023

Adam Littell was raised in Portland, TN with two younger brothers. He went to Highland Academy and then onto Southern Adventist University to study chemistry and secondary education. While at SAU he spent a year at Holbrook Indian School as a task-force worker to teach math and science.

Most people who do task-force work are assistant deans at a boarding academy, but Adam knew this was something he did not want to do. When the opportunity came to teach he was very excited to do this.

After graduating from SAU his first teaching job was at Union Springs Academy as a math and science teacher. It was here that he married Nina.

The winters were long and cold in New York, so when a science teaching position became available at Mount Pisgah Academy in North Carolina they knew this was the right place to go! Adam was able to help lead eight school mission trips with ShareHim to various countries while at MPA. This was his favorite time of year to see the students' passion for Jesus grow and spend all day focused on God, and sharing Jesus with the people in each country.

Through many different avenues, he felt that God was opening doors to change his role in education and to get into school administration. He first started this by becoming the vice-principal for academics for MPA. God then led Adam and Nina to Kansas City where Adam was the principal of Midland Adventist Academy. Now God presented the option to move to Oklahoma to become the superintendent of education.

Adam and Nina enjoy traveling together both within the United States but especially internationally.

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👥👥Oh, thank you so much! This web-master is really up to speed! Adam's last name is Littell. I also attended Southern Adventist U; and to get the "full-load" it also took me 5 years, but not because I was a student missionary for one year, but because I got married and we paid our whole way thru!


A lot of good material to write! What is Adam's last name?? Ertis

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