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Native Ministries Provides Bibles to Group Home

Updated: Jun 29, 2022

Adventist Fellowship Associate Pastor Karol Mosebay has been ministering at a girls’ group home, Safe Haven, in Tulsa, Oklahoma for approximately one year.

The journey began through the diligent work of Tulsa Community Service Center volunteer Stephen Adewunmi, when he noticed a spiritual need for the girls while delivering a food basket. Pastor Karol contacted the director of the home, Ms. Joyce, and asked if Adventist Fellowship could partner with the home in providing lessons, support, encouragement, and a biblical curriculum.

Initially, Joni Bokovoy and Pastor Karol Mosebay began to visit the home twice a month to pray, listen, and share an interactive Bible lesson with the girls. As Joni and Pastor Karol ministered through the word of God, it became evident that the girls needed bibles. Each week Pastor Karol would bring Bibles and the girls would request to keep them, but with nine teen girls in a home, it was quite difficult for the girls to keep up with non-personalized Bibles. The solution came through Native Ministries as the department decided to provide Bibles for the girls.

As a result of the partnership with Native Ministries, these teen girls in foster care have been blessed with a personal, beautiful leather bible that has their name engraved on it.

The girls were elated and appreciative of these gifts of bibles. Currently, a group of women join Pastor Karol to minister every Sabbath. They can keep bibles with their belongings and it is their personal property.

We appreciate the kindness and support of Oklahoma Native Ministries and the director, Robert Burnette.

By Karol Mosbay

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