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A Dream Come True

Pastor Clayton Calvert had a dream. As a pioneer of the Broken Arrow Church and its pastor for 17 years, he watched over not only the congregation, but the building and land.

One year ago, a project to resurface the parking lot was discussed, but the cost seemed insurmountable. Pastor Calvert was not one to let a small thing like money stand in the way of improvements to God’s church. He persisted, responding to any doubts by stating, “Nothing is too big for our God.”

Eventually, it was decided to split the project into five sections and accomplish each part of the pavement as money was collected. We presented a plan to the congregation and the response to fundraising efforts was tremendous! Almost immediately we had enough for not just 1/5, but 2/5 to be completed. We took a leap of faith and committed to paving half of the parking lot. The need to finish was easily seen once the first half was done, so we borrowed from our general fund and hosted awesome fundraisers while donations continued to pour in. The project is now complete and will be paid in full by the end of the year. Pastor Calvert did not live to see the completion of his dream but, as our members can attest, his faith was big enough to move a mountain; or at the very least, to make our hill a beautiful place to behold. Our new parking lot is a reminder to us all that nothing is too big for our God.

Our beautiful church was placed upon a hill overlooking the Broken Arrow Expressway by the grace of God. It is seen by thousands that pass by every week and is now even more visible as it rests on a bright sea of new white pavement.

by Judy Marquette

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