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English Camp Meeting 2024 IS ALMOST HERE!

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Welcome to the Oklahoma Conference of Seventh-day Adventists! We are a family made up of 8500+ members in 88 churches. Together, we are on a mission to tell the world that Jesus is coming back and inviting everyone, everywhere to find their rest in Him. We have eight elementary schools and two high schools to prepare our young people to serve the Lord. During the summer Wewoka Woods Adventist Center is the place to be for youth camps in June & camp meetings in July. Summit Ridge Retirement Village offers senior living in a vibrant spiritual community. Whatever season of life you are in Oklahoma is right where you belong.

Click the link below to find your new place to belong in Oklahoma. 

Image by Benjamin Suter

Upcoming Events

Looking for local events?

Check out our Oklahoma Adventist Events Group on Facebook.

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