Camp Meeting 2019

July 12-20

You can now download the Camp Meeting booklet that features speakers, schedules and activities.  Please note: File size is a little large, so it may take a minute to download depending on your internet speeds.

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Andre C. Waller is co-Director of Tekoa Missions, gave his heart to Jesus at a very early age. He is a graduate of Oakwood College and was trained in personal evangelism at George King Institute. Evangelist Waller has a deep passion for the work of God and seeks to train more young workers to enter the missionary field, preparing souls to be reaped for glory when Christ returns. He has a volume of experience in gospel ministry as a literature evangelist, Bible instructor, educator, and evangelism coordinator. The Lord has blessed him with Alpha Waller (his lovely wife) and Nyasiah Channi Waller (daddy's girl). He enjoys reading, nature, and spending time with his family.

Tekoa Missions


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David Asserick is a Light Bearers speaker, pastor of the Kingscliff SDA Church in Australia and co-founder of ARISE. He has spent the last 20 years traveling the globe preaching and teaching the gospel of Jesus Christ. A former punk rocker, David became a Seventh-day Adventist Christian at the age of 23 and went on to become a pastor, co-founder of ARISE and author of God in Pain.


 He has been featured on 3ABN and Hope Channel and has been a regular presenter at the annual Generation of Youth for Christ conferences.


He and his wife Violeta are the happy parents of two boys, Landon and Jabel. They enjoy backpacking, climbing, running, fly fishing, and reading.

Light Bearers


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Jill Schwirzer enjoys the challenge of running a small non-profit organization through which she writes books, presents seminars, conducts a counseling practice, produces and performs Christian music, and just generally exhausts herself in God’s service. 


Background- As a teenager, Jennifer experienced what would be called a “radical” conversion from New Age philosophy and practice to Christianity, then to the Seventh-day Adventist religion. 


Family- A few years later Jennifer married her (current and only) husband Michael Schwirzer, at the time a good-looking US Forest Service treeplanter (who still cleans up rather nicely). The couple has two lovely young adult daughters, Alison and Kimberly, and several grand-dogs. 


Education- In 1999, Jennifer graduated from Atlantic Union College with a Bachelor of Arts degree in religion. She completed her Master’s degree in Mental Health Counseling through Capella University in March of 2008. She is currently in a doctor of education program at Liberty University. She runs a counseling practice out of her home office in Orlando, Florida, where she is licensed by the state. 


Seminars- Frequently Jennifer presents seminars at churches, retreats, conferences and campmeetings. Two of the most popular are Finding Peace, a seminar on individual mental health and To Love and Be Loved, a seminar on relationship health. Recently Jennifer has begun training coaches and counselors through her counseling practice, ABIDE Counseling, often conducting the training at her ministry’s retreat center, Abiding Place Farm.  


Media- Jennifer has been a frequent guest on 3ABN, Hope TV, and other networks. Recently 3ABN asked her to host a program called A Multitude of Counselors. It is now in its third season. Jennifer also co-hosted a 3ABN program on sexuality called Intimate Clarity. She has produced several series’ through Life and Health Network—7 Deadly Psychological Sins, 7 Deadly Relationship Sins, God Made Love,and an upcoming course on anxiety. 


Writing- To date, Jennifer has written or co-written eleven published books: Testimony of a Seeker (Pacific Press, 1999), A Most Precious Message (Pacific Press, 2000), I Want it All (Review and Herald, 2003), and A Deep But Dazzling Darkness(Amazing Facts Publishers, 2004), Dying to be Beautiful (Review and Herald, 2005), A Light for the Last Days (Amazing Facts Publishers, 2006), Finding My Way in Milwaukee (Review and Herald, 2007), A Gospel Story (Michael Ministries, 2009) and Twice Upon a Time (Fire Engine Publishers, 2009), 13 Weeks to Peace (Pacific Press, 2011), and 13 Weeks to Love (Pacific Press, 2015). Her upcoming book, tentatively called Damsel, Arise! is slated as the women’s sharing book of the year in 2019. The second sequel to 13 Weeks to Peace should be ready in 2020. In addition she has written countless articles, which have been published in magazines such as the Adventist ReviewandLiberty Magazine. 


Music- Jennifer’s unique folk-style guitar music has touched thousands of people. She has given hundreds of concerts all over the U.S. and Canada, and has appeared in Europe, Central America and Africa. Her CDs receive airplay on radio stations all around the U.S. She has recorded about 200 songs of her own composition, many of which have unusual titles, such as “My Favorite Foods,” and “It Stinks in the Ark but It Sure Beats the Ocean.” Recently she completed, along with a collective of musicians called The Lesser Light Collective, The Lamb Wins, a cantata based on the book of Revelation, and The King Dreams, based on the book of Daniel. 


Jennifer’s greatest credential is that she loves Jesus and is a friend to many. A warm, caring Christian, Jennifer has touched many lives. She currently lives in Orlando with her husband Michael.

Author, Speaker, Musician

Jill Schwirzer


Ruthie Jacobsen served as Coordinator of Prayer Ministries for the North American Division from 1995 to 2018. Before coming to this position, she and her husband, Don, were in the Oregon Conference where he was president, and she was director of Women’s Ministries.

She is a wife, mother, great grandmother, nurse, and teacher. As a nurse, most of her professional career was in Nursing Education and Nursing Service Administration. She holds an RN, BS, and MA degrees.

For ten years, she hosted a weekly talk-show on 3ABN television titled,“When God’s People Pray,”where invited guests shared experiences of God’s faithfulness and answered prayer. She has conducted prayer conferences across North America and in more than twenty other countries.

She is a member of the U. S. National Prayer Committee and the Denominational Prayer Leaders’ Network.

Ruthie has written and contributed to scientific and other journals and has authored or co-authored some seventeen books. Among them are:

            “Growing…Changing…Becoming All God Intended”                                       

            “From Strength to Strength”                                                                                        

            “Do It the Right Way”

            “A Passion for Prayer” (with Lonnie Melashenko & Tim Crosby)

            “The Difference Is Prayer”   

            “Because You Prayed” (with Penny Estes Wheeler)

            “Kneeling On the Promises”

            “Prayer, the Still Place In the Storm”

            “Putting Their Hands In His, teaching children to pray” (with Noelene                                                                                      Johnsson)

            “God Wants To Hear You Sing!” (Amazon Bestseller)

            “Bridges 101 – Gas Pumps, Banana Bread, and other attitudes”  

            “5 Secrets for Peace In a Storm”

            “And the Mountains Stood Aside”

            “Living Blessed”

            “I Go To the Rock” (with Dwight Nelson and Fredrick Russell)

            “Breakfast With the Mayor” (with Don Jacobsen)


Don Jacobsen


Married to Ruthie; they have two grown sons, two married granddaughters, and six greatgrands.

Native of the U. S. Pacific Northwest; ordained clergyman for more than fifty years.

Professor, Columbia Union College; Andrews University; SDA Theological Seminary; and Southeast Asia Union College (Singapore). Holds MDiv, and MA, degrees from Andrews University and a DMin from Howard University in Washington, DC.

Church Administrator: President, Oregon Conference; Assistant to the President, North American Division; President, Adventist World Radio

Author of four books, one of which, “Rare Kids; Well Done,” deals with the development of moral values in children. Don writes a monthly column for a Midwest Christian journal and a weekly syndicated newspaper column on parenting. He is a Certified Master-Coach with the Rosemond Leadership Parenting Institute. He also writes a weekly prayer blog which has had more than 288,000 hits. (


Don & Ruthie are semi-retired, living in North Georgia.

Prayer Ministries North American Division


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As a National Institutes of Health supported research fellow in cardiovascular epidemiology at Loma Linda University, Dr. Diehl evaluated the impact of the Pritikin Longevity Center where he directed the research and health education departments.

As a post-doctoral scholar at the School of Public Health of the University of California at Los Angeles, he contributed to the establishment of the UCLA Center for Health Enhancement. He holds a doctorate in Health Science with emphasis on Lifestyle Medicine and a master’s degree in Public Health Nutrition from Loma Linda University.

He serves as a consultant to the Complete Health Improvement Project (CHIP) now owned by the Lifestyle Medicine Institute, LLC, headquartered in Redlands, CA. He is a Clinical professor of Preventive Medicine at Loma Linda University, School of Medicine.

Dr. Diehl is much in demand as a stimulating speaker. His message is that people don’t have to die of Western killer diseases. His Complete Health Improvement Project (CHIP) has been conducted in several countries affecting entire cities, either “live” or via a HD video set with trained CHIP facilitators. More than 85,000 graduates have learned how they can turn disease processes around. His research has been published in more than 45 articles, mostly in peer reviewed journals and medical textbooks showing that most people with essential hypertension, type 2 diabetes, elevated cholesterol, and with heart disease can reverse these diseases and often become drug-free within weeks by simplifying their customary lethal American diet. In addition, overweight people learn how to eat more and lose weight on a permanent basis.

He was chosen by a national health magazine as “one of America’s 20 super-heroes” in the health movement. These scientists, through research, education, advocacy and public relations, have brought intelligent, well-reasoned new voices into the discussion of health care.” (Vegetarian Times)

He was inducted into the Vegetarian Hall of Fame of the North American Vegetarian Society (2015). The Plantrician Project “Luminary Award” was presented to him in 2018.

His books Health Power and Dynamic Living (co-authored with Dr. Aileen Ludington) have sold over two million copies and have been translated into 19 languages.

Founder of CHIP


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In the same way that their music gently illuminates, Matt and Josie Minikus have dawned softly on the music scene as a singer/songwriter duo. Their individual gifts developed, then dovetailed into a marriage of both soul and song that has enriched the lives of thousands through their recordings and live concerts.


A native of Iowa, Matt felt drawn to music performance as early as eight years old when he donned a homemade Elvis costume (his grandpa's dress pants and shoes) and wooden-sword-turned-fake-guitar and lip-synced to a sold-out concert hall of family members and pets. “I was perfectly serious,” he says. When the bravado of youth gave way to stage fright, Matt’s inner Elvis retreated. A late-teen spiritual awakening coincided with musical awakening, and Matt found himself before large audiences while working alongside evangelist David Asscherick. By this time Matt wasn’t pretend-playing and lip-syncing, for he had mastered his own signature finger-picking guitar style and developed a hauntingly beautiful, gentle-but-strong solo voice. Audiences hearing his flawless ballads would feel a powerful moving of the Spirit, making his calling unmistakable.


Josie and her sister Joya at a piano recital. (age 9)


Meanwhile, God had been growing another talent in Northern Michigan, where Josie Hershberger began piano lessons at five and then started to craft her own songs at eleven. Again, adolescence brought shyness, leading Josie to hide her gift. When a six-year writer’s block followed, Josie finally decided to use—or lose—what God had given her. The first song to spring forth after her dry season was the hopeful ballad “I Love You Anyway,” which has led thousands to a faithful, forgiving Jesus. Josie’s clear, ethereal soprano floats above her delicate piano phrasing, awakening in listeners a love for all things holy.


In 2002, the individual tributaries of music touched for the first time. Josie, in listening to a CD of a live concert, found that a particular voice arrested her attention. Was it love at first sound bite? Actually, no. Meeting Matt Minikus a month later, Josie recalls, “I thought he was the strangest person I had ever met and was not interested at all.” Matt, in contrast, felt instantly attracted to the pretty brunette, pursuing her until her feelings changed. The two began recording "Journey of Hope" within two weeks of beginning to date. A unique sound had been born, a perfect weave of well-placed lines and tight harmonies in a setting of skillful guitar and piano.


The two recorded again in 2005, collaborating with Clint McKoy on "Know Hymn." They married in 2008, living in Indiana where Matt had a deaning position at a Christian school. Musical aspirations fizzled without a venue, only to revive in 2009 when the two began work on their third joint CD, "Prodigal: The Journey Home." In 2010 they moved to ARISE school of evangelism for another deaning position, this time with only a few months term each fall. This would free them up to travel the rest of the year. Since that time these modern-day balladeers have toured with the ARISE Songs of Ascent music team and taken their own tours. They have seen their ministry grow from a part time dream into a full-time reality.


The blessed pair love the uncertain, sometimes draining, always adventuresome troubadour life. "We try to be an encouragement and blessing to each person we meet", Josie says, "but in the end I think we come away from each encounter having received far greater blessings than we ever could have given.” Their concerts gently enfold the rapt audiences with the presence of Jesus; one cannot hear them and be left unmoved.



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Steve Darmody is one of Gospel Musics’ finest voices. He has been serving Christ through concert ministry since 1979, averaging some 100 concerts each year with well over 3500 concerts in his lifetime.  As the winner of the 1988 Estes Park Christian Music Seminar Vocal compitetions, Steve’s smooth bass-baritone voice has been compared to milk chocolate. His eight CDs feature some of the finest musicians and producers in Christian music, including Nashville’s Lari Goss and Dick Tunney.


His music style ranges from inspirational to adult contemporary music and light Christian Jazz. In addition to his recordings and live concert performance, Steve has appeared on numerous Christian television networks including the Trinity Broadcasting Network (TBN), Canada’s 100 Huntley Street; Cornerstone TeleVision (CTV); Daystar; The Miracle Channel; 3ABN, The Hope Channel and more. Steve has had the privilege of ministering in an array of situations and venues – from Carnegie Hall to make-shift stages in Australia’s outback. He was invited to share a gospel concert at the Pentagon and also sang for the US Senate Staff luncheon. Multiple overseas tours have taken him, literally, around the world. But his heart remains, as it has always been, in the ministry and mission of the local church.


Steve has been an Artist Associate for World Vision since 1992, finding over 4000 children sponsors for children in crisis. World Vision is the largest Christian relief, development and child sponsorship organization in the world, providing a better future to over one million children in almost 50 countries. Steve’s travels have taken him to Uganda, South Africa, Nicaragua, Hondurus, India, Nepal, Bangladesh, Zimbabwe, Romania and many other countries in which World Vision works. Steve treasures this first-hand experience with the world’s poor and and has been a vocal advocate for children.


Steve’s hope is that people will carry his songs into their daily lives, and be reminded that the claims of Christ, clearly found in His Word, will produce a life filled with contentment and peace.


Steve is the president of the Morning Song Music Group based in Chattanooga, TN. Besides the record label, Morning Song Music, he manages the Morning Song eStore which is an internet super store which sells CDs by a growing list of independent and label artists. The MSMG also has a concert booking and tour management agency – Morning Song Concerts.




Paulo Macena has been serving the church for more than 20 years in Canada and in the United States. He has worked with Brazilian, Hispanic, American, and multicultural churches. He also served as the Youth Director for the New Jersey Conference. Currently, he is the Lead Pastor for Ellicott City Church. He holds an M.A. in Youth Ministry, a Doctor of Ministry in Leadership, both from Andrews University, and he is also an Independent Certified Coach, Teacher, Trainer, and Speaker with the John Maxwell Team. He is the author of the book The Missing Power, published by the General Conference Ministerial Association. He is married to Cristina Macena, and they have two beautiful daughters together, Luisa and Paula.

 He has been featured on 3ABN and Hope Channel and has been a regular presenter at the annual Generation of Youth for Christ conferences.


He and his wife Violeta are the happy parents of two boys, Landon and Jabel. They enjoy backpacking, climbing, running, fly fishing, and reading.




Helvis Moody currently serves as the Young Adult & Youth and Prayer Ministries Director for the Southwestern Union Conference of Seventh- Day Adventists.

Youth Director for Southwestern Union


Ken Shaw Photo.png

Dr. Ken Shaw is the 25th president of Southwestern Adventist 

University and previously served as dean of Flordia State University at Panama City and Dean of the College of Applied Studies.

President, SWAU


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Kevin Wilfley is the senior pastor for the Kirkland Seventh-day Adventist Church, and Prayer Ministry Director for the North Pacific Union Conference of Seventh-day Adventists. In addition to his conference and pastoral responsibilities Pastor Wilfley is a life coach and author. For the past 35 years he has served various churches in the Oregon, Upper Columbia, and Washington conferences. Pastor Wilfley has spoken at ministerial gatherings, revival weekends, prayer conferences and camp meetings all over North America and Scotland on the subjects of prayer, the Holy Spirit, spirituality and evangelism. Pastor Wilfley and his wife, Dolly, have three grown children, and seven grandchildren.

Hobbies: Guitar, Wood Working, Gardening, and Pastel Painting




Michael Smith currently serves as the Prayer Ministries Coordinator, pastor of First Seventh-day Adventist Church of Tulsa, and Ministerial Director for the 

Oklahoma Conference.


Ministerial Director

Prayer Ministries Coordinator



Daniel Ortega currently serves the Oklahoma Conference as the Youth & Young Adult Director as well as the Communication Director. Daniel has served as a youth pastor, senior pastor, Bible teacher, and elementary principal since starting his ministry in 2007.

Youth & Young Adult Director

Communication Director



Tim Kripps currently serves the Oklahoma Conference as the 

Education Director, the NSO Director, as well as Men’s Ministry Leader. He is passionate about helping men find their place in the church as well as challenging them to “fight the good fight” and win. 

Education Director



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