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Camp Meeting

Why is Camp Meeting important in Oklahoma?

The Seventh-day Adventist beliefs were deeply influenced by the camp meeting movement that swept the south in the early 19th Century. Those large outdoor revival meetings were a central feature of the Great Awakening and were perfect for the culture where there were only a few churches and even fewer pastors. Those huge religious revivals were known for their intense worship, inspiring messages, and hundreds of souls accepting Christ as their Lord and Savior.


English Camp Meeting 

Damaris Prieto

Spanish Camp Meeting 

Every year, the Oklahoma planning committee gets together to put the wheels in motion. We host Camp Meeting in early July on the secluded campground of Wewoka Woods Adventist Center. This 10-day event gets better with each passing year.


Families who gather get to experience the fun bonding activities like horseback riding, tubing, and canoeing, and they also have ample opportunities daily to worship, pray, and learn about God!


2024 Camp Meeting is in the planning stages with a Camp Meeting Committee starting in the fall of 2023. Like 2023, we plan to heavily use digital platforms to share information about the upcoming event and we are joining in prayer daily for Christ's outpouring on this 10-day Event.

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