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Oklahoma City Youth Rally

Updated: Jun 29, 2022

On November 12-13, the Oklahoma Youth Department hosted its second youth rally in 2021. This time it took place at Hope Adventist Fellowship in Moore, OK.

The program was organized and executed with the help of the Oklahoma City area youth leaders. After an initial meeting over lunch, they planned for a few months and mobilized their youth to prepare for this event. Over 200 youth and young adults from 20 different churches attended the rally, themed: Be The Church.

The weekend began with an outdoor vespers program behind the church building. The weather was quite chilly that evening, however the young people were able to remain warm with not just one or two bon fires, but with six of them. This was quite an experience. Clusters of youth sat around one of the various fires, sipping hot chocolate during the program.

Sabbath was quite a festive day with an array of programing that took place. Sabbath School started off the day with group discussion centered on the weekend’s topic.

The worship service was composed of inspiring music by a group of students from Southwestern Adventist University, a live painting demonstration, talented special music and a message by guest Pastor Ramirez from the Texico Conference.

After lunch was over, the young people participated in a hike at Martin Park Nature Center, while others participated in a community service project downtown, giving out clothing and basic supplies to the homeless.

Upon their return, the weekend concluded with a final vespers program and a food sale by the Moore Mustangs and Edmond Eagles Pathfinder Clubs. We look forward to more area events taking place hosted by local church leaders teaming up together.

By Daniel Ortega

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