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Put Others Needs First

How will you reach 1?

✓ Pour life into everyone you meet

✓ Leave the house with purpose

✓ Give kids encouragement at the dentist

✓ Be on alert for things that get dropped

✓ Engage a conversation with your cashier

✓ Ask your waiter how you can pray for them

✓ Carry a trash bag with you on walks

✓ Attend a friend's concert, art expo, etc.

✓ Offer to babysit

✓ Donate to shelters in your city

✓ Let go ahead in the checkout line

✓ Share your fresh-grown veggies & herbs

✓ Leave spare change at the laundromat

✓ Leave a large tip for a struggling waiter

✓ Pay the toll for the person behind you

✓ Run errands for busy families

✓ Offer to pet sit

✓ Share your umbrella

Serve at Church

How will you reach 1?

✓ Be a Greeter (even on your day off)

✓ Mentor Other Church Members

✓ Visit People in the Hospital

✓ Teach a Class

✓ Help Clean up After Events

✓ Make Copies for Class Leaders

✓ Participate in the Worship Music

✓ Send Cards to Celebrate Big Moments

✓ Hold an Umbrella for Rainy Days

✓ Take Communion to Shut-ins

✓ Help Plan Special Events

✓ Run the Sound System

✓ Organize Church Fundraiser

✓ Fix or Replace Broken Items

✓ Chofeur Other Church Goers

✓ Clear the Pathways in Winter

✓ Drive Children/Teens to Off-site Events

✓ Lead a Community Prayer

✓ Donate Supplies for Sabbath School

✓ Update Church's Digital Presence

✓ Write for the Church Newsletter

✓ Organize Volunteers

✓ Help newcomers feel welcome

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Help with Errands

How will you reach 1?

✓ Taking to Dr’s Appointments

✓ Taking dog to the groomer or vet

✓ Help prep an event

✓ Unpacking/Moving in

✓ Drive to the airport

✓ Grocery pickup

✓ Going to the Post Office

✓ Rides to recreational activities

✓ Secret Sister Deliveries

✓ Offer to take a shopping cart

✓ Thrift Store Drop Off

✓ Picking kids up from school

✓ Recycling Drop Off

✓ Go to the Gym

✓ Self-service car wash/vacuum

✓ Gas Station

✓ Library Book Drop

✓ Dry Cleaning

✓ Get tire pressure filled

✓ Scheduled oil changes

Help a Neighbor

How will you reach 1?

✓ Bring in their Mail While Their Away

✓ Water Plants

✓ Light Housekeeping

✓ Organizing

✓ Bring them Baked Goods

✓ Help them Carry their Grocery Bags

✓ Give them a Hand with the Garden

✓ Take their Dog for a Walk

✓ Extra portions? Share your Food

✓ DIY Projects? Offer to help

✓ Help Put Up Holiday Decoration

✓ Shovel their Driveway in Winter

✓ Leaf Blow their Driveway in Fall

✓ Start a School Carpool

✓ Clean up Sidewalks

✓ Plant a Community Garden

✓ Help with Landscaping

✓ Watch Their House

✓ Tend Their Yard

✓ Give Their Car a Wash

✓ Bring in Your Neighbor's Trashcan

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Encourage Others

How will you reach 1?

✓ Leave an Encouraging Voicemail

✓ Write a Note “This is What I Like About You”

✓ Recognize Co-workers on Conference Calls

✓ Record a Short Fun Encouraging Video

✓ Get Specific with Your Thank Yous

✓ Learn Peoples Love Language

✓ When Introducing Someone Add Words of Praise

✓ Ask “How Can I Help” When People are Down

✓ Send a note

✓ Let People Know you are Praying for Them

✓ Make Celebration a Regular Part of Life

✓ Be Specific When You Offer Words of Praise

✓ Leave a Personalized Positive Review 

✓ Write a Letter of Commendation

✓ Tell People How They’ve Encouraged You!


Ready to share your Reach One Story? Directions Below:


Step 1: 

Once you've recorded your video, visit and click the "send a file" button.

Step 2: 

Tap the blue + button, tap photo library, and select the video you'd like to send and tap add.

Step 3: 

Enter a message with your name and church & click next, tap send an email & click the transfer button.

Step 4: 

Add & your email in the proper lines then click transfer.

Step 5: 

If this is your first time using, it will ask you to confirm your email before sending it. Type in the code that is sent to your email, tap verify, & then click transfer again. That's it! 

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