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Do you enjoy sharing stories?

Stories play a crucial role in shaping a community's shared history and are vital for envisioning the future.

The Oklahoma Conference is currently seeking a Content Creation intern, also known as a Digital Storyteller. This individual will be tasked with identifying and capturing stories from various ministries in Oklahoma using audio and video media. They will then utilize these stories to create compelling content that aligns with the conference's goals and helps shape the future of ministry.

Ideal Candidate

Someone who adores stories, can recognize and nurture potential narratives, is sociable, imaginative, and poetic, and capable of blending art with practical communication.

Soft Skills

🔍 Inquisitive

💬 Excellent Communicator

🗂️ Organized

🚀 Self-starter

📚 Learner

🌟 Outgoing

🎨 Artistic

🌐 Networker

Hard Skills
  • Audio/video production, including, podcasts, social content, long-form video.

  • Adobe Creative Cloud or similar professional tools.

  • Competency in all major social platforms.

Other Information

✅ Salary is based on the NAD pay scale and based on experience.

✅ 2 year internship contract.

✅ Requires relocation to Oklahoma City, OK.

✅ Requires personal transportation, and willingness to travel within Oklahoma on a weekly basis.

To apply, please contact Wes Via, the Communication Director of the Oklahoma Conference by April 26, 2024. You can reach him via email at or cell phone at 502.415.0965.

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