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Summer Camp Employees


Welcome to our Summer Camp Employee Website! We are delighted to have you join us as we embark on a summer of fun and learning. Here, you will find all the resources, information, and support that you need to make the most of your summer camp experience. From training materials to employee resources to communication tools, you will find everything you need to make your summer camp experience an unforgettable one. Thank you for joining us and we look forward to an amazing summer!



We are thrilled to have you join us as our newest summer camp employee. We know each person that applies will bring a unique set of skills and enthusiasm that will help make this summer an unforgettable experience for our campers.

Odd & Ends

Each year we hire a team of college and high school students to help out with our summer camps. It will be a summer that will change your life! Not only will you be impacting kids lives, but you will have a chance to form lifelong relationships with other summer staff. We hire people each summer for the following positions:
• Counselor
• Food Service
• Lifeguard
• Arts and Crafts
• Maintenance

• Sports/Biking
• Videographer/ Photographer
• Activities Staff
• Wrangler

CONL8577 2.jpeg

55 Days of fun!

Dates of Employment: May 26, 2022, through July 16, 2023

Certification training week: May 22 – May 26 (New lifeguards & Wranglers only)

Staff Training Week: May 26 - June 3

Zomi Camp Meeting: June 1 – June 4

Adventurer Camp: June 4 – June 10

Junior Camp: June 11 – June 17

Teen Camp: June 18 – June 24

Blind Camp: June 25 – June 29

Spanish Camp Meeting: June 30 – July 2

Camp Meeting Prep: July 3 – July 6

Camp Meeting: July 7 – July 15

Camp Cleanup: July 16 

University Scholarships

Southwestern students who work at summer camp will receive a scholarship worth 75% of whatever portion of their net earnings they apply to their account (up to $2,000)  The student’s earnings are applied to the fall semester and the Southwestern match is applied to the spring semester. 

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