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Men's Ministry

Challenging men to be the leaders God is calling them to be. 

Three times a year we will come apart to adventure, fellowship and grow. To find out when the next Summit event is happening contact Pastor Q. 

Robert Quintana


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Several years ago, I found myself on a trail fighting the elements, trying my hardest to summit Quandary Peak in Colorado. I remember asking myself several times, “Why am I doing this?” But after hours of struggle, I was overcome with an incredible rush of peace and satisfaction as I stood atop the Rockies. All of the pain and suffering was forgotten: it was all worth it.


It’s these mountaintop experiences that I’m after. Not just physically, but spiritually. And I’m hoping you can join me for the journey. I believe we can help each other reach these mountaintop experiences. As we commit to following God and helping each other, we can reach new heights.

Time flies by, and the days and months can blur together. While we’re busy with appointments and everyday tasks, it’s easy to forget the things that matter most and end up in a spiritual valley. I’m hoping small excursions like these will help motivate, empower, and strengthen us to be the men God is calling us to be. 

-Pastor Q

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