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Summer camp at
Wewoka Woods

Our Camp Program

Here, we know each camper by name. Inconceivable? Possibly. Effective? ABSOLUTELY.


At Wewoka Woods, we believe that relationships centered around Christ have the power to transform lives. To foster lasting friendships, our campers are grouped into "family groups" of four counselors and 24 children. They participate in everything TOGETHER from early morning worship to activities such as boating, archery, and horseback riding. These intentional moments together create an environment where campers can openly discuss their faith, personal lives, and even their thoughts on which superhero would make the best teacher.

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Sam Hutchinson

Ranger + Food Service

Rex Shepherd

Project Manager

Bob Holbrook

Nature Center Curator

Laura Hutchinson

Administrative Assistant

Nicole Luciano

Youth Directors Assistant

Get in Touch

Summer Camps

Our camps are designed for kids aged 5-16. Find the camp dates, activities, specials, and more.

Registration Links for 2023 Coming Soon!

Stay in touch with your camper:

All letters and packages can be addressed as follows:

Wewoka Woods Adventist Center

Attn: Camper First and Last Name

36242 State Highway 59,

Wewoka, OK 74884


Our Team

We hire people who share a talent for connecting with kids. We’re not about telling kids what to do. Our job is to cheerlead creative risks, and provide just enough guidance to make sure nobody does anything totally nonsensical.  


If you want to get in the best shape of your life, enjoy some TASTY EATS, make friends that become family, and share the love of Jesus this summer, then come to Wewoka. We’re hiring. 

Register your Camper

For Questions Call:

(405) 257-5404 

Sign up your camper here to reserve their spot this year!


Lacto-ovo Vegetarian + Vegan + Kosher

We are happy to address any other dietary requirements if you let us know in advance.  

Mountain Biking

Ultimate way to explore the outdoors!

Mountain Biking combines physical activity with spiritual growth in a fun and natural environment.


Trying New Sports

Learn a new skill and develop important spiritual disciplines through archery.

Lasting Friendship

Friends that Stand the Test of Time

Campers develop real, lasting relationships with like-minded peers in a fun and safe atmosphere.


Colors, Textures, Details 

Crafts are a fun and creative way to keep campers entertained and learning!


Wewoka Woods

Adventist Center

36242 State Highway 59

Wewoka, OK 74884


Majestic Creatures

Spending time with horses helps kids to build confidence, responsibility, and empathy.

The Lake

Natural Wonders

Campers come to the lake to cool off and enjoy outdoor activities like swimming, canoing, and boating.

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Devotion + Adoration + Gratitude

With ample worship opportunities, campers connect with God in a beautiful outdoor setting.

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Explore the Wonders of God

A great way to explore the outdoors and learn about the environment is to visit our Nature Center!

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