Sunday is for Football, Saturday is for___________.

To many, my Saturday church attendance appears to be out of step with the Sunday Christian tradition. They wonder how I can be so confused as to go on the “wrong day.” So, exactly why do I, and millions like me, choose Saturday over Sunday? Consider these three reasons that may surprise you.  

Reason One—God’s Word 

I go to church on Saturday because it is biblical and Sunday church attendance is not. While God welcomes worship every day of the week, He set aside the seventh day as a special day of rest. This day is called the Sabbath and corresponds with Saturday. It was given to humankind at creation, about 2,000 years before the Jewish people existed (Genesis 2:1-3). Jesus said the “Sabbath was made for man”—not just for Jews (Mark 2:27). 

At creation, God performed three deliberate acts to make the seventh day uniquely different from the other six—He rested, blessed, and sanctified the Sabbath (Genesis 2:2, 3). This is extremely significant. 

First, we need rest from labor and time to reflect. God wired us this way. This is why He drew us aside that very first seventh day of creation for special time with Him. Second, God packed a spiritual blessing into the seventh day that He didn’t put into the other six. Lastly, God drew a boundary around this 24-hour period and designated it as a day to be wholly dedicated to pursuing a relationship with Him. 

If we examine every verse in the Bible on the Sabbath we discover some amazing things. All the Old Testament people of God enjoyed its blessing—and we m