Am I Good Enough?

Ryan grew up a religious person. He enjoyed having a little fun here and there, a harmless practical joke now and then. But he regularly attended worship services. He married a lovely woman, and they sang beautifully together as she played the old piano. They mostly performed songs about God’s love. Their favorite said, “I’ve wandered far away from God; now I’m coming home.”

But then his wife found another man. From there, Ryan’s life quickly fell apart. He had one problem after another, until finally he went to prison for selling stolen cars. Home from prison at last, he took a new job—still breaking the law—and returned to prison for a few more years.

Late in Ryan’s life, as family and an occasional friend tried to persuade him to return to God, he quietly let them know, “I’m not good enough for God to take me back.”

Have you ever felt that you were never good enough? Maybe one or both of your parents made you feel that way. Maybe it was the students at school. O