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Muskogee Christian School Music Program

Updated: Jul 25, 2023

The Muskogee SDA Christian Academy held its annual Thanksgiving program on Tuesday, November 22 at the school. Head Teacher, Mrs. Svetlana Willbanks, opened the program by welcoming the parents and thanking them for their support of our school. Mrs. Willbanks’ class recited Psalm 100 and played “All Things Bright and Beautiful” on the chimes.

Serenity Diggs performed a solo of “Coloring Song,” and Annie Lane performed “You Are My Strength” accompanied by Kurt Paden on the guitar. Mrs. Willbanks’ class then read their Thanksgiving essays. Mrs. Menezes’s class, grades K-2, recited Bible verses and sang “All Things Bright and Beautiful” accompanied by their playing bells. All students sang “He is Jehovah” and “Give Thanks.” Pastor Pat Milligan closed the program with prayer. Lunch was served following the program.

It's a blessing to see students all across Oklahoma praising God in worship and song! Thank you Muskogee Christian Academy for teaching your students how to worship with a grateful heart.

by :: Cindy Adams

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