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Fall Into Fitness

The Pathfinder triangle represents the three facets of our lives: spiritual, mental, and physical. The goal of the Oklahoma Pathfinder and Adventurer programs is to help our young people to be healthy and balanced in all three areas.

Our “Fall into Fitness” program provides this annual event for our young people to gauge their individual levels of fitness. The program is patterned after the Presidential Fitness Program with activities involving strength, endurance, and flexibility.

On October 2, the Oklahoma Pathfinder and Adventurer Clubs got together at Adventist Fellowship in Tulsa, and Parkview Adventist Academy in Oklahoma City to participate in the “Fall into Fitness” program. We encourage participation in all our activities as we strive to continually lead our young people to Christ. Each activity is vital to their spiritual, mental, and physical health. We cannot neglect one side or the other if we are to be a part of training these young people to be spiritually alive, mentally balanced, and physically fit to live a life in tune with God.

By :: Rex Shepherd, Oklahoma Conference Pathfinder Director

Photos :: Victor Lopez

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