The multi-faceted role of the Communication Department is to communicate with constituents on behalf of the Oklahoma Conference Administration,  with communities throughout the Conference territory about the Seventh-day Adventist Church—either directly or indirectly through local church communication directors—and serve as a resource for pastors, local church leaders, and Conference office departmental directors and support staff.

Communication Resources

How to Strategically Communicate Your Church’s Vision, Values, and Culture Online

Does your first impression online match what someone experiences when they visit for the first time? How many people are turned off by your church’s online presence when they might actually enjoy your church in real life? This article is going to cover how to strategically communicate your church’s vision, values, and culture online.

NAD Branding Guidelines

We have this hope, and since our beginning, we have spoken, published, produced, and designed a diversity of materials to share this hope with others. But up until now, we haven’t had a unified strategy for how to present it across the thousands of materials we create every week. 

Social Media Guidelines

Does your church have a social media presence? If not, you should consider doing so. If yes, download this booklet for the Social Media Guidelines of the Seventh-day Adventist Church. It has everything you need to make your online ministry successful and safe.

Tips for Taking Great Photos

Do you have a great story? A picture is worth a thousand words, but make sure your pictures are actually telling the story. Download this quick reference guide to taking great photos.

Are You A Communication Representative?

Are you the communication representative for your church but aren't quite sure what you should be doing? Download this short booklet to get started! Remember, the Oklahoma Conference Communications Team is here to help you along the way!

How to Start Your Own Video Ministry

If you're wondering how to merge spirituality with digital communications, this is the course for you! Tune in as Justin Khoe from That Christian Vlogger takes you through the 10 Commandments of Digital Missions. Learn from his journey, and get inspired to start or reboot your own video ministry. 

That Christian Vlogger is a Christian YouTube channel with over 60,000 subscribers (as of August 2018) that is making a positive impact on those searching for spiritual answers online.  His Youtube videos have been seen around the world by over two million people. With over ten years of preaching, literature evangelism, and teaching experience under his belt, Justin’s current focus is to leverage social media to help reach unchurched young adults. Cohosting the show with him is his wife, Emily. Justin and Emily aim to equip young adults to have a stronger and deeper relationship with God and to help them discover who God has created them to be. They call this way of living, “experiencing faith in the first person.”

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As a church communication representative, your duties and responsibilities are many and varied. Listed below are just a few items to keep in mind. Do not let the number of items alarm you, as many of them do not need to be done simultaneously. To begin, pick the items that you are most comfortable doing from the following list, and add additional items to your schedule as you become better equipped and proficient:


1. Watch secular press for opportunities for the church to participate in discussions on matters of current concern.

2. Cover church activities for news and announcement of church programs and serve as a source of information about the church for communication media. Take photos or arrange for photo coverage of church activities.

3. Discover feature possibilities in the local church and make them available to the press.

4. Report special church events to the Conference Communication Director for possible use on the website, the E-Newsletter, and The Record.

5. Produce a small church newsletter giving announcements and activities of the church that can be sent to former members as well as to the present.

Daniel Ortega

Communication Director